Arranging a date in Wangfujing, Beijing.Beijing is undoubtedly one of the most exciting cities in the world, and if you find yourself alone there on business, what a waste of an opportunity! You could dine alone or with rowdy colleagues. Or you could wander around the city alone, trawling through bars for random unsafe possibilities.. Or you could consider booking a beautiful, elite date for the evening with a reputable agency. To make the most of your stay, you don’t want any unpleasant experiences or nasty consequences… There is no need to be lonely in the city that never sleeps!

No one likes to eat alone or be stuck lonely in a big new city. Booking a gorgeous, interesting date of elegance and breeding is the perfect solution to enable you to experience Beijing in its full glory. There are so many restaurants and exciting experiences to choose from. However you don’t want to get it wrong when you only have a short amount of time! With a gorgeous local date who is your dream woman, you’ll have your own tailor-made tour guide to make your time in Beijing unforgettable!

There are many Beijing escort agencies to choose from, but you need to choose wisely to avoid any disasters. The majority of agencies are run by people who are simply in business to make money. Their focus is on that, as opposed to providing high quality experiences for lovely people. If you are looking for an experience where an exchange of beautiful energies is obtained, look no further. If you are looking for a introduction agency that will actually listen to your needs, and who takes care of every booking very carefully, you have found the perfect, premium option.

Especially if you are the kind of gentleman who only seeks out the best of everything for himself, then our  Beijing Pearl Escort? agency is second to none. Don’t compromise your standards or take pot-luck chance. Perhaps your search will begin on the Internet, so look for a good quality website, that offers a certain level of guarantee. An unprofessional website will jump out at you so avoid these. They will be poorly written and most likely will have bad photography. Having said that, a pretty website is no guarantee of integrity or class… It’s all well and good to book a fine dinner at the famous Plaza hotel, or to arrange a romantic carriage ride through Chaoyang park by moonlight. But if your date is not appealing to you, what’s the point…?

Consider asking around, sometimes your concierge or a trusted colleague will have a recommendation – word of mouth is everything. However very few high end agencies will have clients who ‘kiss and tell’ as such, so online reviews can be misleading. Not to mention that most reviews online are either written by the agency themselves (the glowing ones!) or written by their competition (the bad ones..)  Sadly, reviews rarely mean anything anymore, as even if an agency does have some genuine reviews, their legal team can take care of any bad ones posted by disgruntled clients (or more likely, jealous competition), and thus make their online footprint seem quite positive.

The only way really is to get personal recommendations, or try the agency yourself. If the agency’s staff is less than professional, avoid them. If their conduct or treatment of you is blase, offensive or nonchalant, avoid! If the lady who arrives is not who you were promised, or is not as charming or well presented as promised, cancel and don’t go back. Look for a reputable agency with a long term reputation, that offers integrity, discretion and security.  Speaking of recommendations, we recommend the Beijing hotel or the Wanda, when staying in Beijing. With the thousands of hotels available in Chang an street, there are always many options. Guomao  is also a lovely choice for a refined, yet more modern take on accommodations in Beijing.

Once you have decided on your agency and booked your date, perhaps consider purchasing a small gift, and offer it to her courteously when she arrives. Of course this is not obligatory by any means, but is always a lovely gesture, to endear yourself to her. it will also give you a chance to see how gracious she is – if she thanks you profusely, or if she simply takes the gift with no appreciation – or worse, leaves it behind! You can anticipate a gracious response from all the enchanting model escorts at the Beijing Pearl Escort agency. However your chosen date’s conduct is, doesn’t mean it should change yours. Behave like the perfect gentleman, and let the evening unfold naturally and tastefully. You will be treated with the utmost respect and consideration in return, if you have chosen correctly!

Your date will be able to suggest the best things to do in Beijing, and perhaps you can enjoy a romantic walk along the famous streets so she can point out the famous landmarks to you. You will have a fantastic time with your gorgeous date who can be your own personal guide through the city. You will be guaranteed a wonderful evening full of good conversation and charming company.




What is it that really makes a woman sexy?Most men would agree that a woman’s smile may be the first thing they notice about her. They’re not likely to be attracted to a woman with a sour face and a bad attitude. A playful personality oozes charm and a flirtatious laugh is likely to grab the attention of any man. A woman who is comfortable with herself is alluring too. You really wouldn’t want to spend time with a manic depressive on a date!

The way a woman dresses will also tell you a lot about her. A well-dressed lady looks feminine and has poise. A woman with healthy self-respect may reveal her shape a little, but not too much flesh – too much flashing screams insecurity and common standards. A refined lady will also have impeccable manners and gracious class. Her choice of clothing will determine how well groomed she is, and you can tell if she comes from a good background by how she conducts herself, and holds herself. If she feels good about herself, it shows. And she won’t need constant validation from everyone she encounters.

Confidence and poise in a woman is very sexy. There is a fine line between confidence and brassiness however.. Just as there is a line between sexy and slutty. A sensual woman of class will reveal just enough of her body shape to tease you, and leaves the rest up to your imagination! There is no challenge in a woman who wears hardly anything. This type of woman is readily available. The sexiest woman is always unavailable, or appears to be.. Men like a little hunt, a little chase. A smart woman uses her charisma and flirtatious eyes to attract men to her, and then waits to see if he is worthy of her time before giving a little of herself. A lady worth having will always wait to see if the gentleman has what it takes to have her!

An air of mystery is highly appealing. There is (once again) a fine line between mystery and aloofness. Nobody wants to spend time with a distant, cool person. but a warm woman who avoids answering questions and plays things on her own terms is highly exciting to a man. To want her, but not quite be able to get her yet, with the anticipation that he probably soon will, but never 100% sure that he will, is the most exciting thing for any man. That irresistible chase..

A woman who knows what she is doing won’t give anyway too much about herself. This draws men in like a moth to a flame. You will want to get to know her better. She won’t talk too much or babble on about random things. She will listen to you and make good eye contact, so you know she’s interested in you and maybe want to know more.

A sexy woman stimulates your senses. Her low, soft voice makes you lean in to hear more. Her seductive perfume drives you wild with desire. Her gentle touches will be a bolt of electricity running through your body. The sight of her hourglass figure sends you into overdrive and all you’ll want to do is taste her lips with yours.

But the ultimate thing that men seem to list as ‘sexy’ in a woman, aside from all the above, is someone who is loyal, kind and respectful to all. Everyone knows that beauty on the inside makes one beautiful outside. There is no point having a beautiful body and a sour or selfish disposition. The truth is there is no one thing that makes a woman ‘sexy’. Different people find different qualities appealing, and very often the non-sexy things are what make a woman sexy to the right man. 😉


The relationship between your Feng Shui and your escort girl — That is not superstition

Feng Shui originated from ancient China. It has become very popular in Western countries since 1980′s. But many Western guys still do not know that they should not use any escort girl at random. Just like the placing of bed, table and other things will affect your house’s Feng Shui, an escort girl will also have either a good or bad effect on your Feng Shui. You need to be cautious of your selection of escort girls. Interesting?

This is because that you are having a very close relationship with the girl when you call her to visit your place. Her “air field” will influence yours. In China, Feng Shui believes that everything on this earth is made of five kinds of elements: wood, fire, sand, gold and water. For example, if your fate is a fate of wood, a girl with a fate of gold will be harmful to your Feng Shui because gold can kill wood (just like a knife can cut wood). Another example is that your animal sign should not meet with an animal sign of a girl that is harmful to you. For example, if your animal sign is rat, you should not meet an escort girl whose sign is horse or sheep.

Actually the above example is just examples. In reality there are more concerns if consider details. If you believe this, you can ask me to help arrange a right girl for you.

beijing escort

Finding the Girls in the Best Massage Escort Agencies in beijing

beijing escort
Beijing as a very popular destination for tourists in China, it is not only entirely preserved for its rich and famous, it does also have its special style and elegance. Because of this, there are many rich and famous people would like to come to this city to enjoy the all aspects of this city, If you are one of these people, you probably already know what better to do than enjoying the company of an elite escort? So the first step to explore this unusual city is that you need to book a top class escort during your travelling time.

As you know in beijing, you will find that there are a lot of beijing independent escort girls and professional high-class escort agencies, but if you are an influential gentleman who is concerned about issues such as privacy and discretion, it is more suitable to choose the services provided by an escort agency in beijing. A reputable escort agency has very high standards for selecting both escorts and clients, so you need not worry about the quality of the services that you will be paying for. You can find the most beautiful and smart girls with a warm personality in those escort agency.
The following are some best escort agency or massage agencies in beijing where you can find the most beautiful escort girls or massage girls.

1. Jucie escort
Jucie Top Escorts are pleased to introduce to you the very best of Body-to-Body massage, Sensual Massage and Tantric massage with our selection of Beijing based escorts – all available exclusively for you. We pride ourselves on the best Girls in Beijing.
So please pick your perfect companion and call on +86 188 1089 8422.

2. Pearl Beijing Massage
There are 5 good reasons why PEARL Beijing ® has been voted the best sensual tantric massage company in Beijing for the past 5 years.
We only employ the most stunningly beautiful, young, educated and sophisticated sensual masseuses in the Capital.
By being No.1, everyone wants to work for us, but we only employ the best of the very best for your erotic pleasure.
Try for yourself – fully naked body-to-body massage doesn’t get better than this.
Phone: +86 135-5269-2743

3. Golden Beijing Escort
Golden Beijing Escort is a Beijing Escort agency specialising in the most beautiful Escorts in Beijing.
They have escorts girl from china. Every one of them are professional escorts and stunning in their appearance. As lovers of Chinese woman will know Beijing ladies are very attentive and hospitable which is why they are so highly praised all over the world.
If this is your first time considering an Beijing Escort for your date you are in for a real treat. You will definitely notice the difference, their willingness to please means they always go the extra mile and you will definitely not be disappointed.
Phone: 1367 1109 722

4. Spice Beijing Escort
Spice Escort provides a personable “boutique-style” girlfriend experience, coupled with unparalleled service for our discriminating clientele.
“The more opportunities you have to meet quality models, the greater the probability of finding the companion of your dreams….and nothing is beyond your wildest dreams at Beijing Spice Escort.”Only Beijing Spice Escort has the experience, the knowledge, the reputation and the resources… We have what it takes to find you the illusive women you have been seeking.If you are truly serious about engaging a professional agency you can really trust Beijing Spice Escort !
Phone: 138-1141-7726

5.Soulmate escort
Beijing Soulmate escort agency expects very high standards from our beijing escorts and beijing escort to ensure we retain our status as the leading beijing escort service in Beijing offering an unforgettable experience with every one of Beijing Model escorts.They are happy to provide both Beijing outcall throughout the Capital. They will also visit your Beijing hotel or home 24/7 with the utmost discretion.
Phone: 188-1089-7355

Independent Local Escort in Beijing

Beijing, known as the capital of china, has much fun for you to explore. In such a colorful city, countless escort girls are there waiting to leave you sweet and fresh memories and lead you experience the rejuvenation. Escort girls in beijing are willing to offer you various services, just hope to make you pleased and get satisfaction.

Now, if you have decided to find escort girls in beijing, here are 2 independent beijing escorts for your reference.


She’s 25 years old of beijing girl, She have long dark hair, milk skin, and very good looks.

She blessed with a curvy hourglass figure that is both busty and voluptuous, with curves in all the right places.

Her statistics are a very busty 34F – 28 -32

She available for out calls, escorts, dinner dates, overnight and weekend appointments throughout beijing.

Phone:136 1105 6199
Zhen Zhen

She’s a 22 years old Beijing girl, Beijing is her home town, She’s a hot, attractive young Beijing girl with an all over body smooth skin, and a curvy size 8 model figure. she has expressive eyes and a great smile.she has 34D natural breasts.

Promise bring you nice feeling and good time, enjoy dating and travling, happy to listening all what you want to say.

Young age, pretty face, slim body guarantee!!!

Phone: (+86) 136 9150 2799

And you also can find beijing escort girl from or

Where to Find English Speaking Escorts in Beijing

Where to Find English Speaking Escorts in Beijing

Beijing, as the Capital of China, welcomes thousands of foreigners each years. When they need an escort to accompany them, they usually find communication has become a big problem between them and the escorts in beijing. That’s because most beijing escorts are Chinese and cannot speak English so finding an English speaking escort in beijing become necessary for them. This article will give a brief guide to those expats who are looking for English speaking escorts.

1. Searching for beijing English Speaking Escorts on the Internet

Literally speaking, any info you need can be found on the Internet. Typing “beijing English Speaking Escorts” into your search engine, you will get much info related to it. Most of the results are escort ads which you need to read their reviews first in case of scams. Here are some English speaking escorts on beijing Escort Find, an escort review website offering the info about beijing escort girls.


MiyaMiya is 24 years old. She comes from the beautiful city beijing. She is slim, youthful, and hot with nice long wavy hair and great smile, and beautiful long legs. She can provide excellent services including massage. You will be pleased to spend time with her and enjoy her complicity and her English conversation. You can call her at any time as she is available 24 hours, she will reach at your hotel or home soon.

Phone: 136 1105 6199

You can find more English speaking escorts on beijing Escort Find.

2. Picking up English Speaking Escorts in Bars/Clubs

Bars and Clubs are the popular places among young people and expats as well as the escorts who aims to finding their “clients”. In most pick up bars, if you are a foreigner and siting on a table alone, there will be some sexy English speaking escort girls come to you and ask if you need escort service. One of the well-known pick up bars is Kama Club.

Maggie`s (Beijing most famous Pickup Venue)

Maggie`s is the most popular place to find some girls to take home or to hotel in Beijing. The club was opend already 1990, but temporarily closed while the olympic games. Luckily it was reopend again. It`s a big club and party starts a little bit later here. They also have girls working for the bar, but this girls are not allowed to date any guest out of working time and also not allowed to go home with anyone, so better avoid to waste your budget here. Later (around midnight), a lot of working girls will show up here. A lot of girls will be from Mongolia, but you also have a chance to pick up a nice chinese or Malaysian Girl. Price range is around RMB 1000,- for a short time fun and around RMB 1500,- for a overnight session.
Opening Hours: Mo. to Sun. form 8:30 pm to 4 am
Area: Chaoyang
Ritan Park (Outer E 2nd Ring Rd)
South Gate of Ritan Park
Phone: (86) 10-85628142
3. Escort Agencies Offering English Speaking Escorts in beijing

In beijing, there are many escort agencies which only provide escort service to foreign travelers and business. The escort girls in these agencies are all strictly trained and able to chat with foreigners in English fluently. Here is one English speaking escort agency in beijing.


Jucie provides outcall massage and escort services in beijing. There are many girls come from Different provinces, they can speak English very well. The agency strives to enhance the quality of life for people in China through its uniquely imaginative and creative culture. Also, it relies on the infinite imagination and strong determination of its outstanding team to create high quality leisure experiences for people in the clubs. Beside, you can feel free to call the agency for more info.
Phone: +86 188 1089 8422

Full Service Escort and Massage Girls in Beijing

A full service massage is a massage that involves stroking of the body parts. These massages are used as a mean to stimulate the libido and enhance the sensitivity in an individual. It is usually used for a call girl who does more than just “escort” or “body rubs”. It means they perform everything. Sex in all forms by a call girl is called “full service”. It concludes escort, GFE, happy ending, massage and so on, anyway, full service means all the thing a massage/escort girl willing to do for you, which just hope to please you and make you released.

In beijing, such a city with swinging nightlight waiting for you to have much fun, you can have a girl to be your companion and explore it with you which will add more amusement for sure. Hundreds of massage/escort girls are in beijing, hoping to serve you with their charms, and in the following, You can find some girls from china companion or china massage parlor who offer full service in beijing.